Podcast #2 - Ezra Nanes (AccuWeather)

The second podcast  in our podcast series is an interview with Ezra Nanes, Senior Director for Digital Media Products at AccuWeather. Ezra has had a fairly non-traditional lead up to his role at AccuWeather. In his past life at various times Ezra has been an event planner, an actor, and a waiter. However following his MBA a couple of years ago, Ezra made a dramatic career switch into digital product management, and has not looked back since.

Like our last podcast with Jason Rosenblum (Dow Jones), this podcast covers a lot of ground, including:

  • some great career advise from Ezra to career switchers as well as developers and designers looking to move into product management
  • view on how cloud computing and mobile compliment each other, and the opportunities that the combination of big data, cloud, and mobile present
  • AccuWeather's focus on mobile and some key opportunities and challenges faced 

Hope you enjoy the podcast, and looking forward to any feedback on how we can improve future recordings. Cheers!